Editing & Re-Writing

Need to have a professional wordsmith come tune and tighten your writing? We can clean up, clarify, and help breathe creativity into short documents, full-length books, and anything in between.

We offer different editing options to accommodate your needs. One editing option is Annotation—we mark up the document and add comments but leave the original text intact. Alternately, we can edit with Track Changes, where we make changes directly and let the program (such as Microsoft Word) note the differences for you.

Quick Info

Our standard editing rate is $40 per hour Our treatment can range in scope from general editorial guidance (great for early-concept projects) to “sweat the details” line and copy editing. We’ll discuss your editorial needs and provide an estimate accordingly.

When we deliver an estimate, it includes a time ceiling beyond which we cannot bill you. If we estimate a ceiling of 12 hours, in other words, we won’t bill more than 12 hours even we need 14 hours to do the work. (It’s our way of guaranteeing the quality of our hourly work.)


We always scan for errors of grammar and correctness, such as punctuation, consistency of tense, spelling, and syntax. We also make changes and suggestions for improved style, such as word choice, phrasing, organization, tone, and brevity. Finally, we make suggestions for improving the work as a whole—in terms of both argument and style—and we explain any common changes so that you can learn and improve your writing for the future.

We adhere to Chicago style for most style and formatting conventions. Please notify us in advance if this is an issue or if you have different standards we should follow.

We recommend Annotation for any works with sensitive formatting (such as a book with lots of tables or graphical elements) or sensitive textual details (such as legal information). We also recommend Annotation for any authors who are more sensitive about “preserving” the book’s text for one reason or another; when we annotate, you’ll have full control over what changes, since we only mark off of the text itself and allow you to change what you like.

On the other hand, if your book is not terribly sensitive to widespread small changes, we recommend Track Changes. Most of the changes we think to make are way down in the weeds—things like adding Oxford commas, removing stray spaces, fixing dashes and hyphens, making spelling or one-word corrections. This way, all of the recommended corrections are already incorporated into the text, and the Track Changes system allows you to comb through and approve one little bit at a time.

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