Book Design

Once you have a final, prepared text, we can perform all of the services to turn it into a real, tangible, readable book.

We can design custom book covers to specifications for all conventional print sizes. After a brief discussion about vision, intentions, author style, and so forth, we’ll produce 2-5 concept mock-ups for you and allow you to provide feedback. We continue until we’ve made something that satisfies you.

Some of our recent designs:

  • Front Cover, Version 1
  • Cover Design 2 (Icon Pyramid with 2 Levels)
  • Teaser Cover
  • New Anthology Cover

If you also need to have a print interior designed, we’ve got you covered. We can tenderly transfer your text onto actual pages with elegance and style!

We take special care to follow publishing standards and maintain a professional standard of quality—
But, just as important, we treat the print interior design as an opportunity to enhance, clarify, and pace your text with spacing, tasteful typography, and reader-friendly design. We firmly believe that careful and creative attention to those little details adds up to a visibly cleaner, better-looking book—and we guarantee you’ll see what we mean.

For now, have a look at a couple of sample pages from Hallelujah!, our upcoming book.
See the footnotes for more info about some of the design features.

Note: these pages do not “read together.” They were selected independently for certain design qualities.

  • Page 21
  • Page 32

Print Interior Footnotes
  • We use only two fonts in the whole book—Matthew Butterick’s Equity and Concourse. This is possible in part because the fonts have many useful variations, as you can see here. But for this book, the main reason we stuck with only those two is that they’re great, aesthetically pleasing, highly readable fonts, and we like maximizing both aesthetics and readability. We embrace the simple palette.
  • We opted for tighter spacing around the quote because the print size is 6×9, meaning that the page has more room to breathe than it might first appear. The tight spacing also solved a few other design problems, we’ll admit.
  • Indentation proceeds at ¼ inch intervals. That may be a non-standard choice—some prefer ½ inch tabs—but, especially in a dialogue-dense book like this, where there are lots of new paragraphs, a smaller indent smooths out the overall shape of the text.
  • The font is 11-point with 17-point line spacing. That’s on the generous side for both measures, but the result is an easier-to-read, fuller-looking interior page. To compensate for slightly larger font, we push the margins to the very edge and make use of more page space.

We also create e-books to specification for standard formats (EPUB and MOBI).

Our e-book specialties are two spin-off services: Enthrill e-book cards and E-Commerce Solutions.

With Enthrill E-Book Cards we set up your e-book files in Enthrill’s content management system. Then, we can get your book on gift cards, which can be redeemed on Enthrill’s website. (It’s super-easy for users and doesn’t require them to create any accounts.) This allows you to capture more direct sales because it creates a tangible stand-in for a digital product.

We also offer E-Commerce Solutions for people who want to sell their books smartly. We can set up a website with an online store for you, then set you up for whatever level of sales intensity you want—whether that means fulfilling tangible orders yourself, or perhaps simply selling e-books and letting buyers help themselves without you needing to lift a finger. Under some circumstances, we can help with existing solutions or unusual-needs situations.

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